Sapporo Dome

①Consadole theater seating

Reserved seating located in the center of the main stand. These seats are really like a theater, and the whole pitch can be viewed. The large screen is clearly visible, and the enthusiastic cheers of the supporters behind the goal enhances realistic sensation of the game. Enjoy the “Consadole Theater” environment created at the stadium.

★Open space seating

Reserved seating recommended for persons who seriously enjoy watching soccer. Reserved seating has been newly established as of the 2017 season. The upper seats are especially recommended as the whole game can be viewed for even greater soccer enjoyment.

② Red and Black Center Seating

This reserved seating area is located at the upper center of the backstand, red and black supporter zone. The pitch can be viewed over a wide range from the right opposite angle of that seen on TV. This is the right zone for those who want to check out a play while surrounded by supporters wearing red and black such as fan uniforms.

③Mix sheet

It is a reserved seat that can be worn by both home teams merchandise,and away teams merchandise.

④Supporter Seat Corner

The reserved seat located in the upper corner post on the main stand side. Not only seeing the corner kick close with feeling the enthusiastic calls on the goal back zone, but also being most close to the player’s bench is one of the attracting point.

⑤Red and Black Supporter Zone / Back

The non-reserved seat occupies all of the back stand, except red and black center seat.Recommended zone for the supporters who cheer with wearing cheering items such as replica uniform, with feeling the enthusiastic calls in the goal back zone.

⑥Consadole Goal Back Zone

The non-reserved seat on the back of the goal where the “Consadole passionate supporters” who are the main characters sending enthusiastic calls, encourage the players, and making the stadium Consadole theater, are gathered. This is a zone suitable for the passionate supporters who are wearing red and black items such as replica uniform, also raising big flags. If you want to sit and relax to watch the game, away side is recommended.

⑦Away seat

It is an exclusive seat for away supporters.
The entrance gate is South Gate 2.
Banners and flags can not be used.

⑧Away Zone

The exclusive seat for away supporters. If you watch the game on the back of away goal, please purchase [Away Zone]. The entrance gate will be Sapporo Dome→【Gate 3】.